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SIGCHI strongly supports Human Computer Interaction education for researchers and practitioners at all levels at CHI and our Specialized Conferences.
Our SIGCHI sponsored conference, CHI, has an established track record of offering a wide variety of courses. SIGCHI sponsored Specialized Conferences are also strongly encouraged to offer specialism-relevant courses at CHI and in their own conferences. This page below provides an overview of courses while our "Advice for SIGCHI Conference Chairs" provides more practical advice for CHI and Specialized Conference chairs.

SIGCHI sponsored conferences both specialized and CHI are encouraged to offer three kinds of courses

  • foundational concepts for newcomers and those wanting to revisit and refresh their knowledge of HCI as an area of research and practice
  • specialized courses focused on depth in specific established and/or emerging areas and
  • technical skills and methodology courses which offer hands-on practical skill development.

As our premier international conference on human-computer interaction foundational courses must be offered at CHI. In addition, balance across these three types of courses should be carefully managed in each year’s CHI program.

Examples of HCI Foundation courses offered every year at CHI include:
Course Instructors Conference
Intro to HCI Jonathan Lazar and Simone Barbosa Offered at CHI 2014
Empirical Research Methods for HCI Scott MacKenzie and Steven Castellucci Offered at CHI 2014
Methods for Human-Computer Interaction Research Sandy Gould, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Jettie Hoonhout, David Lamas, Effie Law Offered at CHI 2015
Specialised courses offered at CHI vary from year to year. In the past, courses have included:
Course Instructors Conference
What HCI can do for Citizen ScienceI Jennifer Preece and Anne Bowser Offered at CHI 2014
Designing for Seniors Ron Baecker Offered at CHI 2014
Design for Searching & Finding Daniel Russell, Jaime Teevan, Meredith R Morris, Marti Hearst, and Ed H Chi Offered at CHI 2015
Interaction Design for Online Video and Television David Geerts and Pablo Cesar Offered at CHI 2015
Technical skills and methodology courses also vary from year to year. Courses taught in the past include:
Course Instructors Conference
Learn to Sketch (Even if You Can't Draw): Hands-on Sketching Course Stephanie Foehrenbach First offered at CHI 2014
Make this!: Introduction to electronics prototyping using arduino David Sirkin Offered at CHI 2014
HCI Meets Data Mining: Principles and Tools for Big Data Analytics Duen Horng (Polo) Chau Offered at CHI 2014
A Crash Course in Modern Geography for HCI Researchers and Practitioners Brent Hecht and David Ayman Shamma Offered at CHI 2014

This page only provides an overview of courses while our "Advice for SIGCHI Conference Chairs" provides more practical advice for CHI and Specialized Conference chairs.

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Mar 30, 2017 SIGCHI sponsors students to attend Turing Award Celebration

SIGCHI sponsors 13 students from around the world to attend the ACM 50 Years of the A.M. Turing Award Celebration

Mar 24, 2017 The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant Program completes its first year

Have you ever read about a conference that you’d love to go to, but know that it’s impossible? Impossible because it’s overseas and your university doesn’t support overseas travel? Impossible because your research is in areas not covered by your advisor’s grants? Impossible because your institution has no travel funding whatsoever? Now there is hope.



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