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Steering Committee

The CHI Steering Committee oversees the activities of all conference committee chairs from CHI 2018 onwards. It ensures that the objectives of the conference as established by the Steering Committee and Executive Committee of SIGCHI are met. The CHI Steering Committee was created by SIGCHI Executive Committee in 2016. Its first meeting will be in Denver (USA), December 10th-11th 2016.

This steering committee will operate with respect to CHI 2018 onwards. For CHI 2017 the CHI 2017 Liaison is John "Scooter" Morris (). From CHI 2018 onwards, this committee serves as a focal point for communications between the conference committee, CHI vendors, CHI liaison, SIGCHI and the SIGCHI Services Staff. With respect to CHI conference series and individual CHI conferences, the responsibilities of this CHI steering committee and the SIGCHI executive committee are outlined on the Responsibilities page.


  • Steve Brewster (CHI General co-chair 2019, CHI Papers & Notes Co-Chair 2013/2014)
  • Andy Cockburn (CHI Papers & Notes Co-Chair 2014/2015)
  • Ashley Cozzi (for the setup phase only) - ACM liaison and CHI conference historical perspective
  • Allison Druin (CHI General co-chair 2016)
  • Tovi Grossman (CHI TPC co-chair 2014)
  • Carl Gutwin (CHI Papers & Notes co-chair 2011)
  • Kori Inkpen (CHI TPC co-chair 2015/2016)
  • Matt Jones (CHI General co-chair 2014)
  • Farrah Khan (for the running phase)
  • Jinwoo Kim (CHI General co-chair 2015)
  • Joe Konstan (CHI chair 2012, past SIGCHI chair and past SIG governing board chair)
  • Cliff Lampe (CHI TPC co-chair 2016/2017)
  • Regan Mandryk (CHI General co-chair 2018)
  • Jennifer Mankoff (Accessibility at CHI conferences)
  • Scooter Morris (CHI General co-chair 1992, past SIGCHI VP for conferences and past CMC chair)
  • Philippe Palanque (chair) (CHI General co-chair 2014 and former ACM SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for Specialised Conferences) - contact me here ()

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Mar 30, 2017 SIGCHI sponsors students to attend Turing Award Celebration

SIGCHI sponsors 13 students from around the world to attend the ACM 50 Years of the A.M. Turing Award Celebration

Mar 24, 2017 The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant Program completes its first year

Have you ever read about a conference that you’d love to go to, but know that it’s impossible? Impossible because it’s overseas and your university doesn’t support overseas travel? Impossible because your research is in areas not covered by your advisor’s grants? Impossible because your institution has no travel funding whatsoever? Now there is hope.



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