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ACM Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS), formerly known as Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS)

ACM ISS is the leading specialized venue for research and application of interactive surface and space technologies. The conference embraces innovation in a wide variety of areas, including design, software, hardware, understanding of use, theory, and commercial applications of interactive technologies that take place through surfaces (e.g., multi-touch) or in interactive spaces (e.g., in-air gesture tracking, attention-aware displays).

We provide a venue for researchers and practitioners of interactive technologies to learn about the state of the art and push it farther. We welcome general advances and tools (e.g., interaction models, toolkits and APIs), interaction techniques and systems, as well as applied knowledge in areas such as education, information visualization, traffic control, public spaces, entertainment, health, art, and office work.

Past ISS Conferences (note range of

Archive Location Acceptance Rate
Attendance Publications
ITS '15 Madeira, PT

ITS '14 Dresden, DE 31/112 = 28% 179 Proceedings
ITS '13 St Andrews, UK 35/121 = 29% 241
ITS '12 Cambridge, MA, US 24/63 = 38% 156 Proceedings
ITS '11 Kobe, JP 19/56 = 34% 121
ITS '10 Saarbrücken, DE 22/79 = 28% 189
ITS '09 Calgary, AB, CA 30/72 = 42% 125
TIS '08 Amsterdam, NL

Tabletop '07 Newport, RI, US

Tabletop '06 Adelaide, AU

161/503 = 32%

ISS/ITS Attendance

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