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IDC 2005 Details

IDC 2005 was held from June 8–10 in Boulder, Colorado.

Table of Contents


Doctoral Consortium

Yasmin Kafai, UCLA


Juan Pablo Hourcade, United States Bureau of the Census

Yvonne Rogers, Indiana University

Tutorials and Workshops

Stuart MacFarlane, University of Central Lancashire

Janet Read, University of Central Lancashire

Student Volunteer Coordinator

Nwanua Elumeze, University of Colorado

Photography and Publicity

Leah Buechley, University of Colorado

Conference Committee

Chris DiGiano, SRI

Allison Druin, U. of Maryland

Gerhard Fischer, U. of Colorado

Mark Gross, Carnegie-Mellon Univeristy

Roy Pea, Stanford University

Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab

Andee Rubin, TERC

Elizabeth Sklar, Columbia University

Carol Strohecker, Media Lab Europe

Tammy Sumner, U. of Colorado

Uri Wilensky, Northwestern University


Attendance data is not available for IDC 2005.

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