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ICMI 2005 Details

ICMI 2005 was held from October 4-6 in Trento, Italy.

Table of Contents


Conference Committee

General Co-chairs

Gianni Lazzari, ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Fabio Pianesi, ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Program Co-chairs

James Crowley, I.N.P. Grenoble (France) 

Kenji Mase, Nagoya University (Japan)

Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Health & Sciences University (U.S.A.)

Area Chairs

Juan E. Gilbert, Auburn University, (U.S.A.)

Multimodal interfaces for universal access

David Mc Gee, Natural Interaction Systems, (U.S.A.)

Mobile, tangible, and virtual/augmented multimodal interfaces

 Noelle Carbonell, LORIA, University of Nancy, (France)

Multimodal data collection, corpora, and evaluation

Phil Cohen, Oregon Health & Sciences University, (U.S.A.)

Collaborative multimodal interfaces

Jie Yang, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, (U.S.A.)

Pen-based multimodal interfaces

Sadaoki Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology, (Japan)

Speech-based & conversational multimodal interfaces

Matthew Turk, University California of Santa Barbara, (U.S.A.)

Perceptual User Interfaces

Gerard Sagerer, Technical University of Bielefeld, (Germany) 

Fusion of Speech and Gesture

Anton Batliner, Univeristy of Erlangen, (Germany)

Multimodal Recognition of Emotions

Herve Bourlard, IDIAP, (Switzerland)

Multi-modal source localization

Trevor Darrel, MIT, (U.K.)

Perceptive Environments and Context Aware Systems

Vincent Stanford, NIST, (U.S.A.)

Multimodal Software and Systems

 Joelle Coutaz, University Joseph Fourier, (France)

Cognitive modeling of users

Jon May, University of Sheffield, (U.K.)

Pen-based multimodal interfaces

Hans Uskoreit, Saarland University, (Germany) 

Multimodal linguistic interpretation

Francis Quek, Virginia Tech, (U.S.A.)

Gesture & activity pattern recognition

Jukka Linjama, Research and Technology Access group, (Finland)

Haptics-based multimodal interfaces

Irfan Essa, Georgia Institute of Technology, (U.S.A.)

Multimodal-multisensor interfaces

Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research, (U.S.A.)

AI techniques, adaptive systems & behavior mining

Fang Chen, National ICT, (Australia)

Multimodal applications 

Dominic Massaro, University of California, (U.S.A.)

Workshops and Tutorials Chair

Rainer Stiefelhagen, Universität Karlsruhe (Germany)

Demos Chair

Maurizio Omologo, ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Doctoral Spotlight Chair

Massimo Zancanaro, ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)


Fabio Pianesi, ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Local Arrangements

Lorenza Andrighettoni, ITC, Trento (Italy)

Maddalena Bassetti, ITC-irst Trento (Italy)

Barbara Mezzabotta, ITC-irst Trento (Italy)

Silvia Rocchi, CELCT and ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Alessandro Tuccio, ITC, Trento (Italy)


Silvia Rocchi, CELCT and ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

Website/Program Commitee 

Patrick Reignier, University Joseph Fourier (France)


Attendance data is not available for ICMI 2005

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