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CHI Play 2015 Details

CHIPlay 2015 was held from October 5–7 in London, UK.

Table of Contents


Conference Chairs

Paul Cairns, University of York, UK

Anna Cox, University College London, UK 

Technical Program Chairs

Regina Bernhaupt, IRIT, France

Lennart Nacke, University of Waterloo, Canada

Papers Chairs

Daniel Johnson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Regan Mandryk, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Works-In-Progress Chairs

Conor Linehan, University of Lincoln, UK

Peta Wyeth, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Student Game Design Competition Chairs

Charlene Jennett, University College London

Shaun Lawson, University of Lincoln, UK

Industry Chairs

Anders Drachen,

Jeremy Gow, Goldsmiths  College University of London, UK

Workshops, Course, Tutorials Chairs

Zach Toups, New Mexico State University, USA

Guenter Wallner, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Mike Christel, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Florian “Floyd” Mueller, RMIT University, Australia

Proceedings Chairs

Nicholas Graham, Queen’s University, Canada

Publicity & Social Media Chairs

Jo Maltby, University of York, UK

Emmanuel Tsekleves, University of Lancaster, UK

Student Volunteer Chairs

Josh Andres, IBM Research, Australia

Emily Collins, Serious Games Institute, Coventry, UK

Local Arrangements Chairs

Jo Iacovides, University College London, UK

Pejman Mirza-Babei, Execution Labs & UOIT, Canada

PLAY Chairs

Frank Lee

Gavin Wood

Web Team

Emily Collins, Serious Games Institute, Coventry, UK

Dennis Kappen, 3D Ideation, Toronto, Canada

Henk-Jan de Groot, Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim, The Netherlands

Program Committee

Tiffany Barnes, NC State University, USA

Scott Bateman, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, University College London, UK

Max Birk, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Ross Brown, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Staffan Björk, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Ross Brown, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Alessandro Canossa, Northeastern University, USA

Anders Drachen, Northeastern University, USA

Chris Ferguson, Stetson University, USA

Kathrin Gerling, University of Lincoln, UK

Luc Geurts, KU Leuven, Belgium

Perttu Hämäläinen, Aalto University, Finland

Jo Iacovides, University College London, UK

Rilla Khaled, University of Malta, Malta

Ben Kirman, University of Lincoln, UK

Jonna Koivisto, University of Tampere, Finland

Edith Law, University of Waterloo, Canada

Rainer Malaka, University of Bremen, Germany

Joe Marshall, University of Nottingham, UK

Pejman Mirza-Babaei, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Florian “Floyd” Mueller, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Janet Read, University Central Lancashire, UK

Mark Riedl, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Ben Schouten, TU Amsterdam, Netherlands

Magy Seif El-Nasr, Northeastern University, USA

Jan Smeddinck, University of Bremen, Germany

Zachary Toups, New Mexico State University, USA

Vero Van den Abeele, KU Leuven, Belgium

James Wallace, University of Waterloo, Canada

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Attendance category descriptions

Financial data not available for this conference.

Survey Data

Survey data from conference attendees is available for PDF download.

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