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CABS was a former SIGCHI sponsored conference which decided to retire as a conference series in early 2017, no future CABS conferences are planned and this is no longer a SIGCHI sponsored conference series

CABS: Collaboration across Boundaries: Culture, Distance, & Technology was an international and interdisciplinary conference focused on exploring the nature and ways to facilitate intercultural collaboration.

CABS 2014 was the 5th international conference in the series formerly held as International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration (ICIC).

CABS aimed to be a multidisciplinary forum that integrates the socio-cultural and technical perspectives, with the objective of exchanging the latest results of studying and supporting intercultural collaboration.

Conference Details


ArchiveLocationAcceptance Rate
CABS 2014 Kyoto, JP 13/24 = 54% 55 Proceedings
ICIC 2012 Bengaluru, IN 24/40 = 60% Proceedings
ICIC 2010 Copenhagen, DK 47/77 = 61% 99 Proceedings
IWIC 2009 Palo Alto, CA, US 54/90 = 60% 97 Proceedings
IWIC 2007 Kyoto, JP not available yet
Overall 138/231 = 60%

CABS Attendance

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