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Building RPI Bridges — Mechanisms

A means for the SIGCHI RPI Community to discuss among ourselves our initiative for providing a site as part of the bridges we're building between research and practice

Clare Hooper and Elizabeth Buie have started a Wordpress site to provide practitioner takeaways for ACM-DL contents. This site is called, and we are looking into whether we can use as an alternative address that points to the same content. Our idea comes out of Eben Haber's suggestion that we implement takeaways as comments to the Digital Library entries, and although we can certainly do that as well, we feel that most practitioners won't see the DL as their go-to place for info that helps them interpret research. So we propose a special site aimed at bridging the communities, and we propose to put the takeaways there with links to the DL entries for people who want to read the papers. We envision this space in the RPI community as a place where RPIers can discuss the public Wordpress site among ourselves, without having our discussions clutter up the content on the Wordpress site.

Stay tuned for how you can participate in the discussions. (We are still sorting out how to create and edit content here in the community.)

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