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The purpose of this community is to provide regular and democratic governance of the IUI conference. This was clearly mandated by the IUI community through discussion forums and voting in 2012 and then required by the conference sponsors, ACM, SIGCHI, and SIGART, in March 2013. This requirement is part of a larger trend within ACM to encourage sustainable and participatory governance across ACM’s line of conferences. As organizing chairs of the 2013 conference, we were asked to make a proposal for how this might work.

The fundamental idea behind this community in that those interested in the conference will elect the chairs of the conference’s steering committee, the chairs will appoint additional members to fill needed roles, and previous members of the conference organizing committees will also serve to help ensure the continuity and consistency of the conference.

Another fundamental idea is the mandate for the new steering committee to create a “Conference Handbook” that documents the procedures and processes to be used in carrying out the conference. We believe that this will improve the consistency of the conference and also help new conference chairs get up and running more quickly when they choose to take on the task of organizing the conference. This handbook, once completed, should be posted and/or linked from this community.

Over the months of June-August 2013, we shared a proposal document with the previous and current conference chairs, past members of the steering committee, and on a public web site where it available for open discussion by the community. Following a 2 week comment period, we refined the document based on the commentary and submitted a revised version to the chairs of SIGCHI and SIGART. On August 24, we received their approval pending changes that we have made to the document.  

The final governance document can be found here: 


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