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The HCI4D Community

35 members (19 participants, 16 affiliates)


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Conferences and Workshops to check out:
* Interact
* AfriCHI
* Participatory Design Conference
* MobileHCI
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Community Information

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The HCI4D Community serves people interested in the interplay between information technology and socio-economic development. “Development” here is viewed broadly to include such diverse topics as technology related to developing countries, conflict zones, ignored or disenfranchised groups, rural and urban community development, or designing for resource-constrained or marginalized populations. An important aim of the community is to raise awareness of HCI4D in the SIGCHI community at large and to coordinate with conferences, forums and other academic communities with similar content and aims such as ICTD, DEV, IFIP, AI-D, NSDR, M4D and others exploring the nexus of computing and social/economic development.


Chair: Samantha Merritt (with Dr Melissa Densmore as officer-elect)

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