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The HCI and Sustainability Community

46 members (20 participants, 26 affiliates)


We would like to canvas people’s opinions on the role of the SIGCHI HCI and Sustainability community.

The main activities in recent years have been:

- The S-HCI Wiki project, developed by Bran Knowles, Oliver Bates and Maria Hakansson:
- Informal Community networking meet-ups at conferences such as CHI, DIS, CSCW and ICT4S.

In addition, members of the community have created workshops at CHI and other conferences, and are working on a book. And of course, though we are a small community, we are continuing to publish quality papers at SIGCHI venues.

The ‘official’ provision by SIGCHI to the community is a (somewhat low functionality) section on their web page, and the ability to post messages to that page and broadcast them to members who have chosen to sign up to the community through the SIGCHI website. We have the wider SustainableCHI google groups mailing list - this one - which we tend to use in addition / instead of the official one.

This consultation is start a conversation about what more people would like from the community, and how they would like to be involved.

Here are some options:

- Networking among researchers and practitioners: This is currently done informally through our meetups, and the ‘usual channels’ of conferences and workshops.
Would anything else be of interest / use? For example, something virtual?

- Discussion forums/lists: The SHCI list is used almost exclusively for announcing events, CFPs etc. Would people value using it for more informal purposes - such as asking for questions/advice, having discussions etc? Alternatively, would people like a separate forum/list for this?

- Planning forums/lists: A place for discussing ideas of what to do and sending out messages such as ‘who is interested in planning a workshop on HCI and Biodiversity at CHI2018….’, ‘? Again, we could use the existing SHCI list for this, but there may be some/many who only want it for official announcements.

- Publicity and Education - The S-HCI Wiki provides a public face and links to relevant materials. There are also other great sites around the place - such as Sam Mann’s one. What more could/should be on the S-HCI wiki to support people learning about S-HCI? (Note the Wiki welcomes contributions!)

- More ‘formal’ events at conferences: The community grew out of the ‘CHI Conference Sustainability community’ which, under the guidance of Sam Mann, Eli Blevis, Lisa Nathan and others, organised workshops and panel talks at CHI. Should the community committee organise such things once more, and/or catalyze the wider community to do so? If so, how?

Please send me ( your thoughts and views, or attend our meet up at CHI and share your thoughts with us.

Community Information

Much of our communication takes place through the sustainable-chi google group email list - so please join this if you are a member of the HCI and Sustainability Community.

We also hold informal networking events at conferences such as CHI, DIS, CSCW, ICT4S. These are announced on the sustainable-chi email list, so please do sign up!


The ACM SIG CHI “HCI & Sustainability Community” serves academics, designers, and industry professionals working at the intersections of human computer interaction and sustainability. This is a community for those who are interested in issues of sustainability—critically reflecting on the possibilities and implications of our design and use of interactive technologies. The community leverages ACM supported mechanisms (basic website and voting mechanism ) to support interested individuals in networking, sharing ideas and strengthening the breadth and depth of research and practice in this area. A key goal of the community is to raise awareness of the broad range of HCI & Sustainability initiatives in the SIGCHI community at large and to coordinate with other conferences, forums and groups engaged in inquiry into HCI and sustainability topics.


Chair: Dr Chris Preist

Community Liaison: Dr Oliver Bates

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