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EICS Community Information

Advancing and Supporting Engineering Research in Human Computer Interaction

The mission of the Engineering Interactive Computer Systems community is to investigate concepts, methods and tools which support the construction and analysis of user interfaces.

We encourage research contributions that support the development of large and complex systems, investigate the engineering issues relevant to development of important classes of system, and advance rigorous analytic methods appropriate for application in areas such as safety critical systems.

We aim to advance the state of the art in engineering approaches to HCI. Engineering emphasizes the application of scientific knowledge and rigorous design methods to predictably and reliably improve the consistency, usability, scalability, economy and dependability of interactive systems. In HCI, engineering approaches are broad, they include:

  1. Systematic, scientifically grounded methods for interactive system design and evaluation that will enable more rapid; consistent and reliable development of new interactive systems;
  2. Methods, languages, processes and tools that embody scientific knowledge to improve interactive systems;
  3. New software and hardware technologies that enable effective solutions to design problems;
  4. Studying the performance and behavior of existing interactive systems.

HCI and Software Engineering researchers grapple with many of the same issues (and the overlap has increased in recent years). However, surprisingly little interaction between the disciplines is evident in the literature, due partly to the lack of an appropriate publication venue. We seek to address this issue, and establishing the ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems ( constitutes a significant step in this direction. Much more needs to be done, and we would encourage everyone with an interest in engineering challenges in HCI to join the community and in the development of this area!

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