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The CSCW Community

245 members (141 participants, 104 affiliates)


Hi Everyone,

There has been some confusion with the correct url for the election, but our contact at ACM has fixed it.

Please vote for our new Steering Committee Chair-Elect at the following:


Community Information

The job of the Steering Committee is to represent the entire CSCW Community. The Chair and Chair-Elect are elected positions and they appoint additional members to ensure coverage across the many diverse groups within the CSCW community, including major geographic areas (North America, Europe, and Asia) as well as main roles (academia, industry, graduate students) and areas of research interest. The complete set of members of the Steering Committee is:

    Pamela Hinds (Chair, Elected), Stanford University    --
    Cliff Lampe (Chair-Elect, Elected), University of Michigan --
    Daniel Avrahami (Appointed), FXPal
    Geraldine Fitzpatrick (Appointed), Vienna University of Technology
    Stuart Geiger (Appointed), UC Berkeley
    Loren Terveen (Past Chair), The University of Minnesota 
    Hao-Chuan Wang (Appointed), National Tsing Hua University


This Community will serve the various needs, as they arise, of the broader CSCW community. In particular, it will provide a venue for people interested in CSCW and Social Computing to discuss timely issues of importance to the field. It will also oversee the annual SIGCHI CSCW conference, choosing conference chairs, advising on site selection, and considering any policy issues regarding the conference that may arise. The Community will also coordinate with conferences that have similar missions or content, such as GROUP, ECSCW, and any others that attract significant CSCW content.


Chair: Cliff Lampe (with Amy S Bruckman as officer-elect)

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