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Meeting at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

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Meeting at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

Posted by Jonathan Lazar at January 29. 2014
Can I suggest that anyone who is a part of the SIGCHI Accessibility community, as well as anyone else interested in the topic, get together for an informal gathering at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

Best wishes,

Re: Meeting at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

Posted by Jennifer Ann Rode at March 10. 2014
I'd love to see that happen!  I won't be in Toronto as I haven't been able to get even enough headway with accessibility to feel safe attending myself.  

Perhaps we could discuss things via email until then.  Does this actually go out to all members via email or do they have to log in.

We have a couple open issues:

1.  How to make CHI 2014 accessible?
2.  Should we be concerned there are no accessibility chairs for CSCW 2015?
3.  Do we want to petition SIGCHI to make an accessibility chair a required appointment for conferences.
4. Are we ready to have elections for this community?


Re: Meeting at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

Posted by Mr Reuben Kirkham at March 11. 2014
Hi all,

I'm an Accessibility Co-Chair for Ubicomp/ISWC 2014 and TVX2014. I'd be keen on attending by Skype if possible (I won't be in Toronto).

I'd be keen on finding out what the open issues are with CHI 2014 (so I can be sure that they don't occur in the conferences that I'm partially responsible for) - please feel more than welcome to drop me an email ( as this forum never seems to show automatically in my inbox. As for CSCW - I'd be interested to know why there isn't an accessibility chair next year (is there some backdrop to this I've missed?).

An Accessibility Chair should be a requirement, but in my view, we'd need a clear list of compentacies and responsibilities (including where this might go above/overide those of the Chairs). In my view ACM should also have staff specifically responsible for ensuring that conferences meet the appropriate standards. Also Elections might be a little premature.

The other issue - if this hasn't been spotted anyway - is that ACM's guidance is woefully out of date:

Not only is the legislation out of date (and irrelevent for any conference that takes place outside of the US) but it also suggests 'etiquette training for dealing with the disabled'. It might be a good idea to propose an updated version of this.

Best wishes, Reuben

Re: Meeting at CHI 2014 in Toronto?

Posted by Jennifer Mankoff at July 07. 2014
Hi all, I too am curious whether anyone gets these messages who is not logged in. I am also wondering whether it is time to divide up the work of maintaining this community any further -- I know we are not many people, but how can we (a) work more closely with SIGACCESS (b) ensure that there is content going into the community and (c) ensure that there is a go to person available for each of the SIGCHI conferences? Does it make sense to 'assign' roles (e.g. through an election or other process?). Do we have enough people to do so?
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