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EC Conference Call Notes Oct 27, 2010

EC Conference Call Notes Oct 27, 2010

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October 27, 2010

In attenance: Fred, Loren, John K, John T, Gerrit, Jonathan, Ashley,
Gary, Fran, Tuomo, Elizabeth, Scooter, Paula

- SIGCHI member benefits for SGB, due November 15 (Gerrit)
- Joe Konstan��s request for suggestions for possible Associate Editors for the Computer Classification System
- SIGCHI Chapters - first action plans (Tuomo)
- Education plans (Jenny, Elizabeth)
- Public policy activities (Jonathan)
- CMC (Scooter)
- Awards (Loren, Elizabeth)


- SIGCHI member benefits for SGB, due November 15 (Gerrit)

  - Gerrit can produce this list, but needs input/feedback from at
    least a few others. (Fran: if a SIG wants to make significant
    changes, this is the place to document it.)

    - Gerrit will send a draft to the EC, with specific people being
      requested to give feedback. He will send the draft by October

    - Feedback due to Gerrit by November 8

- Joe Konstan��s request for suggestions for possible Associate Editors
  for the Computer Classification System 

  (Deadline for this appears to have passed, so no action required) 

- SIGCHI Chapters - first action plans (Tuomo)

  - Report from Tuomo

    - One issue. A number of SIGCHI chapters have become inactive. 
      Tuomo is going to look into this issue, to understand status of
      the various chapters, and (eventually) to see if it's possible
      to reactivate some of these chapters.  

- Education plans (Jenny, Elizabeth)

  - Elizabeth. Will be distributing a proposal for feedback soon. 

- Public policy activities (Jonathan)

  - Jonathan is continuining to add to the International Public Policy
    Committee. Us Public Policy Committee: Janet Davis has agreed to
    head this committee, and that committee now has 6 members.

    - Coming up: Response to new US Law on Online Access under ADA

  - Organizing events for CHI 2011
    - Panel: Legal Issues and Accessibility
    - SIG on Standards
    - Grant funding (US Public Policy Committee probably will take the
      lead on this)

- CMC (Scooter)

  - CHI 2012 team is in place. Making good progress.

  - CHI 2011: Submissions are up (again). If this continues, it will
    force serious consideration of our current model -- probably won't
    scale past 2013. Will require analysis and investigation at the
    level of the CMCM or EC.  Longitudinal studies needed.

    Question: What's the time frame on this? For example, will
    anything be done in time for CHI 2012?

    Maybe there are one-time effects, too -- usual CSCW submitters
    who submitted to CHI 2011 instead?

    And what are the larger trends? For example, if academics in
    our set of relevant disciplines are moving (even more) away from
    journals and toward conferences, that could be a big part of the
    reason, too.  

    CHI 2011 submissions - PCS records required for all authors. This
    went very smoothly. 

- Awards (Loren, Elizabeth)

  - Report by Loren and Elizabeth.

Alan Newell Award - ideas
- Eric Horvitz
- Jean Scholtz (HRI)
- Sara Kiesler (HRI)
- Peter Pirolli (Cognitive Science Modeling)

Infosys Award
- Can we nominate Luis for this award, too? What's the difference
  between this and the Grace Murray Hopper award?

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